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download EditorUpdate v 102 for the game ArmA Armed Assault
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 15:55

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: And again we address to Armed Assault. Experienced modostroitel for certain know that at creation of scenarios for this game it is possible to use all undocumented objects of an environment — a surface of the water, rocks, various plates and signs, road signs, buildings, lamps, bridges, trees, logs.
  And again there is a question how to realize all this in practice if in the built-in editor such options aren't present? We answer. Editing of scripts was until recently only way to add all these delicacies. It was necessary to place at first on the card any game unit, available from the editor, then to leave the editor, to open "Notebook", to change the name of a basic unit to the name of one of undocumented objects, again to open the editor, and so on. Generally, as in a bearded joke: "Opens a handbag, gets a purse, closes a handbag, opens a purse"...
  Now all these shifts to anything. The fan built special addition for the editor of the scenario which considerably expands the list of objects, available from the editor: allows to use various buildings, water towers, logs, vegetation, landscape sites. In general — the amount of the new objects available from the editor's window, is increased by some hundreds!
  You shouldn't shovel all code of mission any more to add non-standard elements on a scene of theater of military operations. Started the editor, chose the necessary model from the list and placed it on the card double click of the left button of a mouse. Pay attention that addition is ground only under the Armed Assault version propatchenny till 1.05 and with the previous bilda is incompatible.
  VERDICT: An additive for the editor which considerably simplifies life to modotvorets. Writing of difficult scenarios from tiresome and laborious work turns into easy and pleasant occupation. Instead of gray routine creative flight of thought. And here for kartostroitel this tool is alas almost useless — it is impossible to create new levels in it.

  Copy files in the game Addons catalog. Start game, include the editor and add the necessary addona on the card.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: armedexpert
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