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Download Script Edit, mission editor for ArmA Armed Assault
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 20:42

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Script Edit is positioned as the full-function editor of missions for Armed Assault. The program is urged to simplify as much as possible process of creation of scripting modifications, and also to bypass practically all restrictions superimposed by official tools. You program in Script Edit and you import to game.
  The principal advantage of Script Edit before similar development — powerful system of helps which fine simplifies process of a koding. You drive in a proper word or its part into a text window then you choose the most suitable command from the drop down list. If necessary you can study the full list of all codes put in the editor (a comment — short comments in English and examples of use are applied). For this purpose it is enough to execute View/Commands command (alternative — Crtl key pattern + Shift + 2). 
  From discharge "a trifle, but it is pleasant": intuitively the clear and ergonomic interface consisting of the one and only working field and several instrumental панелек, syntax highlighting, numbering of lines, automatic line folding, at last, the module for fast search and changeover of fragments of the source code. To all other, the editor frighteningly quickly boots, eats off a minimum of system resources and isn't buggy at all. In a word, in the niche of Script Edit it is almost ideal.
  VERDICT: Ideally designed and functional editor allowing to develop difficult and interesting scripting modes for Armed Assault. To master Script Edit, to put it mildly, difficultly, but game is worth the candle and mission is feasible.

  Launch an executable file and follow instructions on installation.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: script, for, Mission, Edit, Creation of games, arma, assault, Editor, Armed, download
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