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Download game AEROSTYLE
To download file - torrent file 31.08.2015, 11:06

It is possible to play this game, without tearing it on the full screen. Nevertheless, from it game doesn't become less interesting. Flying on a tiny miniature aircraft over hills, you should clear the sky of airplanes of the opponent which there will be a considerable quantity. You should control a miniature aircraft a mouse, but anything difficult in it isn't present. The miniature aircraft can be turned only to the right or to the left, and it will hold height itself. If you decided to tear game on the full screen, click "F1". It is possible to pass game from any level, it allows not to pass it at first. After passing of EASY (5), NORMAL(5), HARD (5) of levels, open 5 HELL - levels, and there all it is much more difficult, than in previous three.

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