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Download game Space Strike / Cosmic Blow
To download file - torrent file 21.08.2015, 18:56

In this fascinating space arcade you should become the pilot of elite group of fighters. The task to make prospecting flight over the Moon surface is laid to you. As a result you understand that certain hostile forces realized invasion on the planet. And to you as to the most skilled pilot, it is entrusted to destroy enemy fighters and terrestrial technique.
The purpose of game consists in suppression of approach of the opponent and their extrusion for a front line. Controlling the space fighter, you shall destroy all enemy fighters which are coming across to you, jeeps, machine-gun turrets. Gradually you need to enhance the arms, differently it will be almost impossible to achieve the mission objectives. It is also necessary to evade from hostile fire, after all the enemy doesn't doze. The protective field of your fighter, of course, will withstand some direct hits, but, having got under heavy fire of the enemy, you risk to lose the fighter.
Colourful and dynamic, this game deserves close attention of fans to do some flying and shooting. So take a place in the fighter more safely and go to rescue mankind from invasion of artful alien aggressors.

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