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Download The Harbour map for game Crysis
To download file - torrent file 07.08.2015, 16:41

Developer: CaptainChris
  Format: single game
  Version: 1.05
  It is required: original game, patched to version 1.2
  Language: English/German
  Size: 47,5 Mb
  One of the best user maps for Crysis which action is torn on in details simulated tropical island. The thought-over jobs, perfectly directed scripting sketches, ingenious fights with a hail of special effects, the destroyed surrounding... All this and many other things won't allow you to start missing. 
  The subject knot of The Harbour is extremely simple. According to U.S. intelligence the special forces of the Korean army tore military base on somebody the fictional island in the middle of the ocean and plan to test new weapons of mass destruction, a test polygon — the USA and some other world powers. You should penetrate alone deep into islands and to execute a row of simple jobs of command. The first mission is reduced to banal sweep of local port from adversaries and transmission of necessary information from the Korean control terminal in a general staff. The second (it final) the job is slightly more difficult and more fascinating than the first — to break through check-point, to smoke mercenaries from the thrown small village, to put the generator of noises (so-called "glushilka") out of action, to destroy the heavy-weight tank which appeared on the horizon and to follow to the designated evacuation point.

  On concentration of enemies on one square meter of game space of The Harbour leaves behind such masterpieces as Max Payne 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and even Resident Evil 4. On the island you are trapped by hundreds to the teeth of the armed North Koreans with unique behavior models. The author of addition taught villains to climb over fences and other barriers, to act together, use various shelters, to play at hide-and-seek and even to look in the thrown structures. Enemy groups are concentrated preferentially in port and god the forgotten settlements. Small groups of soldiers can be met in the local woods. Yes, nearly forgot. Helicopters, jeeps, boats and some other vehicles are at the disposal of villains. 
  Design of a map, so to say, the classical. All game territory represents the large tropical island with difficult landscape architecture on which boat moorings are located, patrol towers, helipads, low rural houses, shabby bungalows, port with cranes and it is a lot of that else. We pay your attention that the most part of scenery in game can be razed to the ground. To save the atmosphere of original game, authors decided to use by addition development only standard models and textures, i.e. all that we repeatedly watched in Crysis.
   1. Copy the folder with addition (\\TheHarbour) in the directory \\Game \\Levels with the set game. 
  2. Launch Crysis. Further click a key ~ on the keypad for a call of the so-called console. After that in the appeared menu enter the command of con_restricted 0 and click an input key (for access to all console commands of game). To load a certain map, make map team [level name], in this case map TheHarbour, and click ENTER key. Also you can use the utility of CryLaunch for loading of this level.

Category: Crysis | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: The, Crysis, for, Harbour, map, game, download
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