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download Far Cry modes: Cleaning of the Islands
To download file - torrent file 07.07.2015, 18:19

That: modification of Cleaning of the Islands
  Developer: Tor
  What's new: plot, levels, missions
  Size: 120 MB
  Category: addona
  Version of modification: 1.1.
  It is required: works with any version of game
  Takes places on a hard drive: 120 MB
  Change of a gameplay: is
  Language: English

 The story told in original game proceeds. Jack and Valéry decided that inhumanely to leave on islands of mutants and ruthless mercenaries, and directly in the middle of the high sea tore the ship and returned forever to relieve mankind of this hidden threat. And now total sweep of fifteen islands is necessary to you.
  In order that the act of retaliation took place as it is possible easier, the main character lands with a solid arsenal in which there is also the most powerful assault rifle, both the flare pistol, and a sniper rifle. To each weapon Jack also took a solid ammunition. Generally, fight is expected cheerful, and at the beginning it will remind generally cheerful walk on the wood because at the first levels many soldiers have even no bullet-proof vests. And your assault rifle also without effort tears trayker in scraps.
  Levels in modification everything, except the first, it no other than the maps of the multipleerny mode adapted for single game – well familiar to that who played game on the Network. And therefore it is very interesting to look as they look in the single mode. They are occupied by mercenaries of all sorts and mutants, both normal trayker, and supermonsters with flare pistols, or very opposite freaks possessing invisibility function. 
  The first level authoring — is made it very picturesquely, is balanced and with an invention. It is possible to be transversed on the light cheerful woods with a set of open places or to visit tight, narrow caves with long corridors. Fights are here too various, hills and open places on which mercenaries crowd together — a titbit for fans of a rifle and the flare pistol, it is possible to shoot enemies easily and easy. And in narrow caves there is the real slaughter with storm firing practically to an emphasis, a pelting garnets of rooms and other pleasures of short-range fight. Even can reach and hand-to-hand fight.

  Councils for passing: 
  1. During relocation and fight attentively you look around not to come on minefields which there is a lot of here. So, having caught sight of red tables with Mines text, change a route. 
  2. Before going down in the next vault, not superfluous will be to throw some pebbles there. On noise monsters or mercenaries quite often jump out, and you will be able to kill with impunity them directly on top.

  1. Copy the Island folder in the game directory Mods
  2. Launch game, select from the main menu of "Modification" and launch the necessary.

Category: Far Cry | Added by: IwKrav
Views: 642 | Downloads: 10 | Rating: 0.0/0
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