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Home » Files » Game addons » The Sims 2

Download ATS clothes set for game Sims 2
To download file - torrent file 17.07.2015, 16:17

Big set of clothes for your sim. Here you will find both undershirts, and t-shirts and it is a lot of that else.

Author of a set: Sandy

The following things enter a set:

ATS FAN Dress 002
  Short red dress in a black speck. The sim card which put on it right there becomes similar to a ladybug. And there is a wish to tell it "depart on the sky bring us bread".
ATS FAN Dress 004
  Short black dress with white and pink circles. Looks refinedly and beautifully.
ATS FAN Pants 001
  Fashionable white trousers with a tight belt on a wooden buckle.
ATS FAN Skirt 001
  Long woolen skirt of red color. It is intended for women.
ATS FAN Skirt 002
  Long woolen skirt of gray color. It is intended for women.
ATS FAN Skirt 003a
  Miniskirt of black color. It is intended for women.
ATS FAN Top 001a
  Refined topic of red color.
ATS FAN Top 00
  Green woolen jacket. Looks very decently.
ATS FAN Top 003
  The open white jacket sewed from light material. Well will be suitable for walks in the hot summer afternoon.
ATS FAN Top 004a
  Thick red jacket in which the female sim card won't freeze in the dank winter.
FANF Dress 003
  Long smart dress, strict black color with high leather boots. Well is suitable for sim cards widows.
ATS FCN Outfit 001
  The dress for girls connected from gray wool. Looks brightly and brightly.
ATS FEN Dress 001a
  Good dress for sim cards grandmothers. In a set three coloring violet, azure and beige.
ATS FPN Dress 001
  Red woolen sweater for a sim card of infantile age.
ATS FTN Outfit 001
  Clothes for the teenage girl. Your ward can put on an easy motley blouse, and red bell-bottoms.
ATS FTN Outfit 002
  Long gray skirt and gray vest, for the teenager's girl.
ATS FTN Pajama
  Gray nightgown for teenager sim cards.
ATS FTSp Sport 001
  Black silk body stockings, for sports activities. It is sewed especially for teenage girls.
ATS Man Outfit 002
  Romantic attire for men. Included a long raincoat, gray trousers, a scarf and a shirt in it.
ATS Man top 001
  White men's jumper with a black bottom.
ATS MANF Outfit 001
  It is dazzling a beautiful white suit in a gray strip. Such the twentieth years of the last century the American jazzmen wore.
ATS MANF Outfit 003
  The solid black suit sewed on the modern office mode.
ATS MCN Outfit 001
  Black sweatshirt with a pattern and gray shorts, for boys.
ATS MCN Outfit 002
  Boots, black shorts and striped undershirt for boys.
ATS MPL Lingerie 001
  Striped undershirt for sim of babies.
ATS MPN Casual 001
  Blue overalls with the drawn hare for simov-kids.
ATS MPN Outfit 002
  The gray warmed overalls for sim of kids.
ATS MTN Shorts 001
  Gray shorts with a big nacreous button for simov-teenager.
ATS MTN Top 001
  White undershirt with black texts for teenage boys.
ATS Fas Sport
  Blue sports suit for adult sim cards.

  Unpack archives and copy package-files in the directory My Documents \\EA Games \\The Sims 2 \\Downloads.

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