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download modification of GTA: San Andreas Gostown Paradise HQ
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 16:07

Name: Modification of Gostown Paradise HQ
  Developer: ParoXum, Acoustik, Jost_vice, SeaNorris, Teun, Starion, Gunzen-R
  Any news: Continent, cities, buildings, characters
  Size: 356 Mb
  Gostown Paradise HQ — is the project thanks to which you will be able to drive around the city Weis City and to the huge tropical island adjoining to it. Authors perfectly worked and made very beautiful district. In the middle of the dense jungle you will find twisting small rivers, massive boulders, villages of Indians and small airfields for tourist planes. Weis City too is transferred extremely plausibly. You easily learn all painfully familiar places, like lawyer office of Rosenberg, Malibu club, a den of the dealer in Phil's weapon and even Haitian quarter with a lodge of the angry sorcerer. Also the main hero of game is redrawn. He became the fat Afro-American in the Hawaiian shirt and colorful shorts.
  True judges of the GTA series will undoubtedly fall in love fashions for beauty, in detail traced island and the nostalgic atmosphere.
  Note: Earlier kept games don't work with modification.
  1. Make backup copies of the game catalogs audio, data, models, text.
  2. The Mapcleaner program (lies in the Mapcleaner folder) erase the original files which are responsible for the game card.
  3. Copy Mod folder contents in the main game catalog.

Category: GTA: San Andreas | Added by: armedexpert
Views: 846 | Downloads: 18 | Rating: 0.0/0
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