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Download modification of Roads of Los-Santos for game GTA: San Andreas
To download file - torrent file 11.07.2015, 22:48

  Name: Roads of Los-Santos
  Game: GTA: San Andreas
  Developer: Nite
  What's new: Roadbed of Los-Santos, road marking of Los-Santos
  Size: 23 Mb

  Agree that for game in which the hero spends two thirds of all the time in the machine, the beauty and quality of roads on which he by this machine also moves are very important so this modification is necessary to you very opportunely because it updates and decorates literally all city and highways of Los-Santos and his suburbs.
  The new roadbed looks simply perfectly. The author laid out in details drawn black granular asphalt and drew a big and bright road marking, thanks to what all tutoshny roads of steel well directly to a shiver with the presents. Besides, new routes fine help to leave from prosecution of police because no potholes are present and in mention here, and speed is gathered promptly. Plus to everything the route is accurately viewed, and bright bands of separating bars not only will help you not to leave on an oncoming lane and not to get into accident, but also in advance to see where it is necessary to turn that is especially valuable during dashing race with local gangsters.
  1. Open the IMGTool program.
  2. In the menu File, Open, open the GTA San Andreas file \\models \\gta3.img.
  3. Find the command of Find and replace with the command of Replace the files airoads_las.txd, airport2.txd, airport_las.txd, airprtrunway_las.txd, barrio1_lae.txd, civic03_lan.txd, coast_las2.txd, cunte_wires.txd, cunteroads1.txd, cunteroads2.txd, cunteroads3.txd, cunteroads4.txd, cunteroads5.txd, cunteroads6.txd, docks2_las2.txd, docks_las2.txd, freeway2_las2.txd, freeway2_las.txd, freeway_las.txd, griffobs_las.txd, ground4_las.txd, hub_alpha.txd, idlewood6_detail.txd, jeffers4_lae.txd, lae2roads.txd, lae2roadscoast.txd, lae2roadshub.txd, laeroads2s.txd, laeroads.txd, lahillsla_roads.txd, lahillslaroads.txd, lahillsroads6.txd, lahillsroadscoast.txd, lan2freeway.txd, lanroad.txd, lasground2_las2.txd, lasground_las2.txd, lasraodnshops.txd, lasroads_las2.txd, lasroads_las.txd, law2_roadsb.txd, mullho03_lahills.txd, mullho05_lahills.txd, piera_law2.txd, pierb_law2.txd, pierc_law2.txd, roadlan2.txd, roads_cunte.txd, roads_lahills.txd, roads_law.txd, roads_lawn.txd, roads_tunnellahills.txd, roadslahills.txd, stapl.txd, stormdrain_las2.txd, wiresetc2_las.txd, wiresetc_las2.txd and wiresetc_las.txd on similar files of modification.

Category: GTA: San Andreas | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: The, Los-Santos, for, of, Roads, GTA:, modification, game, download
Views: 1168 | Downloads: 11 | Rating: 3.0/1
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