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Download Touring Car Legends modification for game rFactor
To download file - torrent file 24.07.2015, 20:10

Developer: Team TCL
  What's new: machines, textures, physics, sound
  Version: 1.0
  It is required: rFactor ("Racing: Speed factor") version 1255F
  Size: 273 Mb 

 To developers the mode of Touring Car Legends, as well as much of us, was lucky to be born in the 80th — an era of the disco, foolish hairdresses and square cars. Light-weight 190th "Mercedes", sporting BMW of the third series, space "Ford-Sierra" and chemodanoobrazny "Volvo-240" governed a ball not only on the European roads, but also became the very first and recognizable foreign cars in post-Perestroika Russia. However integrates them not only it. All listed models have the rich sporting past — no body championship of the 80th can be provided without these machines prepared according to requirements of "Group A", standard for those times. On them chased everywhere — from Australia (ATCC) to Germany (DTM) with Great Britain (BTCC) and, of course, at the international level (WTCC). All these championships and racing series live and prosper still, and here you won't envy destiny of the machines which were once appearing in them.
  Fortunately, now best-known racing "bodies" of the 80th had a worthy virtual embodiment. Beginning Maud Touring Car Legends for rFactor which was in development nearly with start of the simulator in 2005 — it isn't simple some authentic models of machines with a personal sound and physics. Such already was in Race: The WTCC Game, Gran Turismo 4 and still some auto racing. Here, unlike them, it is possible to find a full ruler of participants of all principal body championships from 1983 to 1990. If the British touring — that by all means all seasons with all classes of machines and pilots. If the Australian — that with involvement of the local exotic models "Fordov", "Holdenov" and Japanese "Nissanov-Skaylayn". Which, as well as "British", all to one are equipped with the right wheel. There are even machines "Mercedes cup" which was played between pilots of "Formula One" in a season of 1984. Painted in gray color identical "190th" with Senna and Prost's names onboard — a rarity which it was possible to see only in photos earlier.

Unfortunately, prolonged development (the project was under the threat of closing more than once) and huge volume of operation left the mark on quality of models of machines. They, so to say, pro-hundred-cotton wool. Especially it is noticeable in details — headlights which all do in full 3D long ago, here — only a plane texture. The same concerns joints between elements of a body and partly an interior of machines. But enthusiastic responses and not shameful rating on the principal community resource of www let know directly that under ordinary-looking appearance disappears very interesting modes. Local physics — the best that was made for body machines in rFactor, and precisely much better than rail trams at SimBin. As the majority of machines of that era — rear-drive, and "is swept a tail" by them very much willingly. However, often they want even to be pushed in drift most — same "Nissan-Skaylayn" it is so easy and predictable passes turns what to pull out it won't make special work of a prolonged drift. 
  The special, corresponding to an era routes to a mode it isn't applied, but it it doesn't matter. Different autodromes including historical, for rFactor it was made so many that problems "where to start" will definitely not arise. If you doubt — look at the list of the active servers in a multiplayer. In total for a long time there. 


  1. Unpack contents of TCL.rar archive
  2. Unpack contents of Touring Car Legends Base Pack V1.0.rar archive in the folder with the set rFactor.
   3. Unpack contents of TCL_soundpack.rar archive in the folder with the set rFactor.
  4. Unpack contents of TCL V1.0 Pacecar fix.rar archive in the folder with the set rFactor.

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Views: 1992 | Downloads: 40 | Rating: 0.0/0
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