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Download Revolution mod for game Space Rangers 2: Dominators
To download file - torrent file 17.08.2015, 11:11

Name: Space Rangers 2 Revolution
Genre: Space strategy
Developers: Elemental Games, SNK-Games, enthusiasts
The game is necessary Space Rangers 2: Dominators Dominators — Reset

This modification was born thanks to generosity of the chief programmer of "Space Rangers 2". He presented to fans tools for change of resources of game. Fans estimated a gift and on sheer enthusiasm created "Revolution".
Maud adds to game the new equipment, text quests, 42 micromodules, 43 maps for terrestrial fights, and, above all — unique scripting situations. For example, pirates can gather and try to destroy military base, or the careless debtor will try to destroy the business center with the help the kvarkovykh of bombs. Other rangers became more active to execute the direct duties (it became more difficult to compete with them). In a word, the world of game became even more independent and integral. An excellent occasion to return to space and to show to dominator, who here the master!

Attention! Modification is set only on game "Space Rangers 2: Dominators — Reset". At the original game "Space rangers 2: Dominators" she won't work.
1. Set game "Space rangers 2: Dominatora — Reset" with ALL (!!!) resources (be convinced that all ticks are marked).
2. Launch the setup.exe file, having specified in installation process the folder with game.
3. Set revpatch_v11.exe patch.
4. In case of desire set a patch from the SR2ResolutionPatch_1.2.5 folder. It allows to expose any screen resolution in game.

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