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download modification of Mitsakult the Cell for the game Warcraft 3
To download file - torrent file 11.07.2015, 22:54

Name: Мицакульт: Cell
  Game: Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
  What's new: maps, plot, heroes
  Size: 104 Mb
  After that the narration passes to the story about the paladin Benedict Millinor who travels all over the world, vainly trying to find the missing magician Milinda. The light warrior long wandered and at last got to the prospering and quiet country of orks — Margarass. In this state he accidental came across the gallant admiral Volar who told it that Ludlas, the hometown of the hero, got to blockade at will of the awful giant who filled up the single pass to the outside world with large blocks, and that behind it there is them a former friend captured by dark force. From heard the knight I was horrified and I gathered was to commit suicide, but the wise admiral suggested to throw a call instead of a scheduled hara-kiri, to collect army from local orks, to outdo the fallen Mitsakult and to release God of the Ice Fire granting the world and tranquillity from stone captivity. As you can see, we have dashingly the twirled and devilishly fascinating plot.
  Campaign consists of twelve missions, and all of them differ in excellent design, interesting jobs and to trifles the worked balance. You will wave a nominal sword, cutting down the enemy heads, to rescue friends and to look for important artifacts. At each map will be than you to surprise.
  Attention!!! If you didn't pass campaign "Mitsakult: The younger brother of a hell" campaign "Mitsakult: The cell" at you won't be launched!
  To copy files in Warcraft III directory \\Campaigns. To load game, to select from "Main menu" "New game", further "Additional campaigns", among the provided campaigns to select "Mitsakult: Cell".

Category: Warcraft 3 | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: The, for, of, WarCraft, modification, game, Mitsakult, Cell, download
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