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Download Yashemitsu model
To download file - torrent file 13.08.2015, 17:53

DESCRIPTION: Unpretentious, but at the same time rather unusual model of the transforming robot of new generation. Fighting unit of Yashemitsu is effective against hostile infantry, and also all terrestrial vehicles (easy and heavy-weight tanks, air defenses installations, armored troop-carriers, etc.) and aircraft. Also the machine perfectly copes with destruction of key constructions of the enemy — military bases, tank plants, runway platforms and other strategic objects. It is almost impossible to stop Yashemitsu: the mechanism is covered with a thick layer of the armor and equipped with powerful missile systems, laser sets and rapid-fire large-caliber machine guns. Anton spent for manufacture of a 3D model of the robot destroyer about 30 hours.
  TOOL: Cyber Motion 3D designer pro 10.
  FORMAT: *.3ds.

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