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Download Noname Island modification for game Crysis
To download file - torrent file 24.07.2015, 19:27

Soldiers from army of clones in "Star wars" and that are less similar among themselves, than knots of most of the existing spendthrifts for Crysis. From the moment of an output of game some hundreds of different amateur additions which action happens on the island where surely are present basis of Koreans and the newcomers developing rock were born already.
  Considering that for the rest everything is reduced to systematic shooting of yellow-faced fighters and amorphous aliens, having played two-three similar modifications, it is possible to consider that you saw them everything. Unfortunately, "The unknown island" doesn't offer anything new in respect of history. The knot — shablonny is no place: the group of fighters lands on the island and goes to clarify that was required in this region to the Korean troops. The main task — to find the sent Cossack (the scout who was thrown on the island several days before) and to receive from it valuable data. Here only the Korean protective systems don't doze and in no time destroy your colleagues, and then well-aimed missile volley send to also your submarine, barring a way to retreat.
  Just at this moment you unexpectedly for yourself will cease to yawn because all events on the screen aren't similar to similar Crysis-modes at all. Creators of "The unknown island" tried to reproduce on a game engine a certain similarity "To rescue the private Ryan" and to turn a slow sandbox-action into a performance of level of the Call of Duty series. Heat of events the simply phenomenal. In a frame permanently something blows up, falls, showered, falls or burns down completely in read seconds. Near you some people (enemies or friendly NPC) who with voices raised comment on the events (the house running near you the soldier a bag blows up falls to the ground, closes the head hands and heart-rendingly cries out "lay down, lay down, and that will cover") permanently scurry about or simply violently shout for horror. As a result attempt to give to game of dynamics and an action can be considered successful — for an hour and a half on the unknown island you receive as much impressions, how many and from viewing of any summer Hollywood blockbuster at cinema. If, of course, similar entertainments generally to you to liking.

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