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Download The Citizen modification for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 10:25

Original name: The Citizen * Developers: Chris Playbus Fox and José Kasperg Amiugo * Features: alternative development of a plot of Half-Life 2

  The main hero of "Citizen" — one of the best spendthrifts for Half-Life 2 — not the scientist, not the member of spetsnaz and even not the fighter of resistance, but the most ordinary person who got to the concentration camp (the former house with grids at windows) during military campaign of Alliance. Together with same as it prisoners, the hero should be selected from a torture chamber.
  One of the most surprising features a mode — here you don't feel like the hero, the fighter for freedom or, upas my God, the defender of the world at all. It is necessary to survive simply and, perhaps, to help to be released to other people.
  Instead of destroying combines in hundreds, here it is necessary to bypass carefully from barriers and posts to open an ungated door, it isn't necessary to hollow at it mounting or to scorch from the flare pistol — differently on noise crowds of security guards will run together — and it is better to find a distribution frame and to disconnect the electric power in a certain sector of the building. It is necessary to shoot, of course, too, but only occasionally when other output simply isn't present. And that, having killed some combines, it is possible to change clothes in a suit of one of them, and to pass on basis of Alliance, nobody noted.

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