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Download Temple of Torm modification for game Neverwinter Nights 2
To download file - torrent file 11.08.2015, 12:15

Original name: Temple of Torm
Author: Ainu Lew
Level: 12-15
Passing time: 1-2 hours
Action: at most
Rolevy after game: so-so
Traps and cunnings: are present
Features: in the temple the short, but fascinating story with the unexpected final is torn
General assessment mode: 8/10

  The principal sight of a small town of Skornubel — the ancient castle of Torm located on the highest hill. For the time being in ancient monastery everything was peacefully and quietly, but then inhabitants started noting that the Supreme priest of the temple behaves somehow suspiciously. And it is suspicious — it is still softly told. From the sociable person it turned into the closed and aggressive loony bezvylazno sitting in the hall and studying the strange manuscripts. It isn't clear that so puzzled the ecclesiastic, but all novices, paladins and clergymen of the temple were shocked with so sharp changes in the mentor. The priest nearly turned one attendant into a frog, another was hit a magic staff on a forehead... We should understand the strange morphings of the prior just.
  On the passing course in the temple it is possible to meet the magician and the armorer, they with pleasure will help the necessary magic bottle or a correct axe. It is possible to get hold of new equipment at the halfling and a dvarf, whose benches settle down in the neighboring territory. There are also new subjects — for example, the unique helmet rescuing from any delusion.

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