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Download The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Campaign "Kingdom of fairies"
To download file - torrent file 11.07.2015, 22:01

It is known that the number of spendthrifts for Morrowind in literal sense reads off scale. Conditionally all modes can be divided into weapon, kvestovy, new locations and modification of characters/surrounding. Maud "The kingdom of fairies" represents a new location which adds opportunity to visit in improbable beauty places where from an easy hand of the author of modification the real fairies live to game. Externally these magic beings look as half-naked Thumbelinas with wings — a such infernal compound from a Barbie doll and a hentay-directivity manga doll. Detailing феек the simply excellent.
  Now as for game mechanics. To the kingdom it is possible to penetrate only one method — through a special door in a Quarter of Strangers into Viveke. The author a mode about its location gives very fuzzy help: "You look more often up". Having got to the kingdom, it is possible to take only one quest — to find the Queen of fairies. Seemingly simple job, but from the first isn't so simple to execute it. The matter is that the design at the kingdom, to put it mildly, is unusual: the such tangled maze which walls somewhere the transparent, somewhere translucent, everything appears through, plays flares, to get lost — as easy as shelling pears. However that else is necessary for the real finder, except well simulated maze hammered chock-full with adventures in the form of half-naked fairies! Perhaps, the best choice for all fans of the original.
  1. For installation of addition unpack archive in \<a root="" folder="" of="" morrowind="" \=""> \\Data Files (for example, С:\\Morrowind\\Data Files).
  2. Addition start:
  Select "Files" from the application of start of game and mark a checkbox the line AQ_FaerieRealm1.0_RUS.esm.</a>

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