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Download Daggerfall Memories: The Liberation of Cybiades modification for game The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
To download file - torrent file 30.07.2015, 20:26

When you set modes "Kibiad's Release" for TES 4: Oblivion, in game immediately will appear a small island which needs to be ground from the evil forces which captured it. Delay of death is similar therefore it is necessary to work quickly and resolutely.
  The liberating crusade begins how in one of the cities of Sirodiila we will be met by somebody Dionillo Minerus — it, actually, and will tell about that devilry that occurs in one of Tamriel's corners. Right after it the main character is advanced together with Dionillo to Kibiad's coast. Small walk on the local settlement clearly lets know that on the island indeed not all purely. Villages are destroyed, the various utensils are scattered everywhere, houses are empty. But the most unclear where all people got to? 
  Further the absolutely interesting begins. Settlers are found literally behind the adjacent hill, here they aren't too similar only to normal people now — the will them was enslaved by the magic flaring full-sphere similar to the Palantir from "Lord of the Rings".
  Just like that it is impossible to deal with the mysterious natural phenomenon (for example, to destroy a full-sphere and to release peasants) therefore it is necessary to look for bypass maneuvres, to clarify that generally occurs on the island. Not only that process in itself is very interesting, so also the award for a solution of secret is necessary serious. The released inhabitants will present you the huge house with completely arranged alchemical laboratory.
  In addition to quite unusual plot, in "Kibiad's Release" there are all signs of the most outstanding spendthrifts. A surrounding is completely processed: textures are redrawn, models of characters are simulated again, the sound and music are written especially for a mode (and wrote obviously not houses, and in professional studio).
  Except everything, some versions of addition that "Kibiad" was compatible to different versions of game — for example, with an official addon of Knights of the Nine are included in the installer.

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