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Download Dungeons of Ivellon modification for game The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 21:44

Original name: Dungeons of Ivellon * Developer: Lazarus * Features: a detective story in the best traditions of novels of Agatha Christie

  Most of "subland" spendthrifts of TES 4: Oblivion are constructed according to the standard, boring circuit: the map in hands, a couple of words about the one who needs to be killed and what values to collect, and forward — on conquest of the next underground kingdom. "Ayvellon's vaults" are arranged differently. It is the most real detective story in the spirit of Agatha Christie and William Collins's novels.
  To promote on a plot, here it is insufficiently simple to research new locations and to destroy monsters. It is necessary to collect helps, to compare the facts, repeatedly to return to already passable zones, to talk to numerous NPC, many of which, by the way, very reluctantly share information — it is necessary to chat with some 3-4 times (in intervals executing small quests) before they tell what to do farther.
  Battles, however, too are enough. Sometimes it is necessary to fight some minutes with one very strong opponent, running away from him along corridors, hiding in crevices, and even at all climbing under a ceiling on stone shoulders. And sometimes monsters (the majority of models are created by the author a mode from scratch) lean a huge wave, and then remains nothing, except how to be driven into the corner that didn't surround, and to fight to the death.
  The single shortcoming a mode that it is oriented on well pumped over characters (not below the 20th level): more feeble heroes won't hold on more than half an hour here.

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