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download fashions of TES of 4 Oblivion Four elements
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Modification "Four elements" for TES 4: Oblivion belongs to so-called intellectual additions. The gameplay is constructed not on pumping of physical characteristics of the main character here and not on use of the best weapon and armor — here the success of a campaign first of all depends on tactics, on ability to watch a plot and to solve unusual problems and puzzles.
  The main quest of "Four elements" begins in the city of Bravil where the main character meets a mysterious danmer of Alex and learns from it about certain Stones of Elements — artifacts without which it is impossible to light magic fire in Beacons of Elements. And it is necessary to arrange illumination, after all Mayaki of Elements support balance of Tamriele. A problem only that the unknown villain Mayaki extinguished and after that everything in the world went wrong way.
  The first quest consists just in finding magic stones which, according to Alex, are stored in the Temple of Elements. To find the temple quite simply — it is enough to follow a guiding marker on the mini-card. And here to catch stones — it already a difficult problem. It is necessary to go through the mill, and in most that on is a literal sense of the word.
  When artifacts are received (on it at you about an hour will leave), Alex will explain how to light fire in Beacons. Sounds seemingly elementary, but in practice everything appears absolutely not easy. Unexpectedly on a scene there is a hero known as Wise which tells a lot of interesting and unusual about Beacons then it is already not clear, whether it is worth lighting them in general. After all it is quite possible that they won't bring the world and rest in Tamriel, and on the contrary — will cause in it powers of darkness.
  As in "Four elements" it is necessary to think much, don't wait for abundance of fights — an action very little. And here riddles, puzzles and placed continually to the lovusheena to consider. To solve, solve and bypass the majority of them, it is necessary to think strong.
  New content in modification isn't present as addition uses all elements which were put in game by developers. But the gameplay is so balanced what to complain about it simply a sin. And whether are necessary the new weapon, monsters and structures in the addition calculated first of all on sharpness of the player, but not on ability it is stupid to swing the bewitched pole-axes?
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