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Download Haunted House modification for game The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
To download file - torrent file 11.08.2015, 12:23

Original name: Haunted House
Author: Kane1045
Level of the character: any
Passing time: 4-7 hours
Action: at most
Language: English
Rolevy after game: at least
Traps and cunnings: so-so
Features: a horror modification with the strong subject a liniyeyobshchy assessment a mode: 8/10

  From time to time we ask a question why long and thus interesting modifications so seldom meet. And here to us on eyes as by request, "Haunted house" for Oblivion comes across fresh modes.
  Despite duration, rather big for a mode, plot holds on a short string, sometimes even forcing to return on already passable locations in more detail to understand everything.
  The plot is devoted to the person who fell a victim of the illusive monsters which flooded his house. And though in the diary which fell us into hands it is recommended strongly not to be put to the damned building, we, certainly, go to a way.
  Moving ahead along corridors of the "bad" house, you will experience that around there is something terrible: the blood spots on a floor flickering in the dark silhouettes, the furniture scattered on angles. From nowhere subjects which wasn't here more than a minute ago materialize, the situation in the house changes, blocking a way … To spoil to you pleasure and to disclose history details we won't become as the plot in this addition is extremely good and unpredictable.

Brand new quest for three hours of game process. It begins with the message that in the Imperial city, in "The first issuing", there was a curious volume called by the diary of the suicide bomber. Having bought the manuscript, you will read the diary about the mysterious house in which the author's wife perished. And, judging by the text, for the author the death already runs on heels. On one of pages the house location is figured. It is constructed to the West from Cheydinal. Having arrived there, you clarify that in it absolutely invisible ghosts are active. And it only the beginning of adventures — following in the tracks of spirits, you learn about many terrible events and battle from a daedr of high ranks. You are waited by interesting fights with cunning and dangerous enemies, travelings on vaults and a sad fascinating story.

Category: TES 4: Oblivion | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: scrolls, The, House, Haunted, for, Oblivion, modification, elder, game, download
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