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download The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Fanatics of nine
To download file - torrent file 06.07.2015, 18:32

Among a great number of spendthrifts for TES 4: Oblivion, unfortunately, isn't a lot of operations capable to be compared on quality to the original. "Fanatics of nine" — a rare exception.
  Plot quite original though the beginning unusual doesn't indicate anything. The poor servant asks the main character to investigate disappearance of the masters. It would seem, well were gone and were gone, that here such? However it is very quickly clarified, what not everything is so simple. It appears, "The church of nine" which all methods available to it (often not valid) suppresses small group of believers in uniform god is involved in mysterious business.
  It would seem, everything is clear: artful usurpers want to destroy a stronghold of the true faith, and a sacred duty of the main character — to punish nechestivets. But not everything is so simple. Intrigues, secret plots, riddles continually. Very quickly you will start understanding that... you understand nothing. So, you shouldn't act rashly, it is necessary to understand everything and only then to manage justice.
  By the way, we will reveal a small secret — endings at game a little, each of them is very original. To understand all artful designs of a plot, it is necessary to pass addition several times. However, occupation this so fascinating, what it isn't necessary to miss. It isn't enough repeating moments in each subject branch.
  In addition to a large number of difficult quests there is a cathedral in Cheydinale here and opportunity to live in own mansion overlooking the river. Except purely esthetic function, the house plays a role of headquarters where it is possible to store the found subjects and to save forces before the next turn of a detective story. Upon termination of the principal quest the house completely turns into your possession.
  All opponents and NPC are in details worked. Goblins in extensive vaults, fanatics on a surface to indulge on the thrown cemeteries, illusive explorers, members of secret society, committers of a cult of ancient religions, spies...
  In spite of the fact that in a mode practically there is no new graphics (original gaming models are used), it doesn't spoil at all general impression because the gameplay tightens from first minutes and doesn't release to the end of the game.

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