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download a set of modifications for the game Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 14:14

This set of additions includes:

  Buried Secrets 
  Quest in which a certain authoritative magician sends us for searches of the book of spells. This book belongs to the priest who also should be found in the forgotten ancient temple.
  The modification adding the Deathmatch mode to game. You should fight with various monsters at the bottom of a huge hole, scoring points of experience and buying more powerful armor and the weapon in little shops.
Dusty Dunes
  The fascinating scenario in which you should find for the traveler Franklin Paine who was gone in the bogs teeming with blood-thirsty creatures.
  Your character gets to the city surrounded with demons. There will be nothing left to you how to find guilty, to punish them, forever to close gates of hell and to save the city.
  Your ship moored in dock of the small town. Hoping to stock up with the necessary materials and quickly to patch a vessel hole, you find out that the city is almost completely destroyed. The only key to a solution of the events which occurred here — the mad old man and mysterious ancient ruins.
  Woodmir Race
  The interesting scenario transferring us to the small town of Vudmir. You should go to the lock teeming with monsters and to carry away from there as much as possible gold.

  Start the ekhe-file and specify the main game catalog in a way of unpacking.

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