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download the Better Red Than Dead Card for the game No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 14:20

Author: Johnny LaRue
  The small story from Kate Archer's life told quite recently — in March of this year. Somehow in the winter evening our heroine in the bar on the silent small street of the Western Berlin (capitalist part of the city when Germany there were two) sat and drank cocktails as suddenly the Russian submachine gunners from nowhere appeared suddenly, did some shooting visitors, and Keith deafened and took away in unknown places. The superspy in a prison cell on some military base in god-forsaken snow-covered place regained consciousness. So it also disappeared forever if by a lucky chance I didn't find under master key plank beds. From this point management passes to you, and to run away, it is necessary to sweat. At first it is necessary to remove a bed, to pick up under it master keys, then to open a door. The building of prison is protected by two security guards. The first sits at a table in a corridor. It should be cut down, having thrown the tear grenade there (lies in the storeroom following from your camera. After that he for a long time will sit down at a toilet. The second patrols a corridor, leading on the left. While it comes into the room, creep by the end of the corridor protected by it and turn off the light. Then, when the fighter will go to the switch, in the mode of invisibility creep to its room, fast be enough a shocker on a table or the gun with the muffler on the shelf and, having jumped out, you bring down the sentry. On the made noise his brother-soldier will jump out of the bathroom, shoot down also it. It's in the bag, the weapon is got, you remove from security guards of "kalashnikova" — and forward, to freedom. On the way you will meet the wide yard protected to heels of soldiers and the big underground bunker. There is also an oruzheyka with a shooting gallery, both power plant, and the radio room. From the weapon, besides described, the Molotov cocktail, fragmental grenades and a sniper rifle is available.
  1. Modification works only with the version of game not lower than 1.3 (lies in the same section).
  2. If you didn't pass game yet, mission won't be displayed in the list. To solve this problem, start the ChapterListFix.reg file from the folder with modification.
  1. Copy the folder in the game Custom/Mods catalog (if it still isn't present, create).
  2. Start game, in a launcher choose the Custom menu and put a tick opposite to the line BRTD.
  3. Begin game and in the Single Game menu open the List of Missions menu, the necessary mission already in it.

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