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download Arma Tools
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 15:59

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Almost all fashions for Armed Assault add to game something new: models, scripts, locations, sounds... But after all the built-in editor doesn't allow to do such modifications! With its help it is possible to create only relatively the simple scenarios constructed with use of standard scripts, graphics, special effects.
  At once there is a question — fashions in which so many innovative ideas are realized from where undertake? All the matter is that UAAA (Arma Armed Assault) exists the whole army of the admirers interested in development of the project and its modernization. And as the cursor of the old woman of OFP (Operation Flashpoint) was the basis for game, to create third-party utilities and editors for Armed Assault it is absolutely simple — take as a basis already ready OFP шные tools, optimize, improve them and post in the Internet.
  One of enthusiasts, the user with Kegetys nickname, decided to collect the complex from several tools for AAA modding. Some months of laborious work — and here the set code-named of Arma Tools consisting of utilities of cpbo, unRap, PAAplug and UE_highlight is already ready. We will review briefly each of them.
  — The cpbo tool represents the console utility for creation and unpacking of PBO archives of game. The program is deprived of the graphic interface and functions only in the mode of a command line. To deal with the basic principles of operation of application, it is enough to know syntax of a command line in perfection — to be able to write teams for an applications launch, transition to the necessary catalogs, a task of parameters of unpacking. On the one hand, everything is simple — the list of tinctures is attached in the txt-file, with another — a command line not the most convenient that is thought up by igrostroyevets. The graphic interface is many times more convenient.

— unRap. If you glance in one of archives of the game Armed Assault, you will find a set of files there with the .bin and .rvmat expansion in which scripts are stored. If you think that you will be able to take in no time files on the hard drive and to edit their contents by means of ordinary "Notebook", you strongly are mistaken. These files are ciphered by developers a special raP-inkoder. The utility of unRap just allows to remove the protection established by developers and to decode scripts. For this purpose you need to razarkhivirovat only the necessary files, to start the unRap application and to specify a full way to the file. In the working catalog n-noye number of HPP files which can be modified further in a text editor of the WordPad level will be created.
  — PAAplug — the plug-in for the famous graphic Adobe Photoshop editor allowing to load and keep images in the PAA, PAC formats (they are used in Armed Assault for storage of graphics). Before getting to work, it is necessary to connect the module to Photoshop. For this purpose simply copy the file plaginapaaplug.8bi in a root directory of the established editor. As for compatibility of "additive" with various Photoshop versions then It should be noted that in our tests the plug-in perfectly functioned both on the sixth version, and on CS 2.
  Besides elementary things like simple loading and preservation of arts, the plug-in allows to establish the level and a format of a compression of the image, and also to use mipmap-filters and effects.
  — UE_highlight — addition to a convenient text editor of UltraEdit. Adds syntax of Armed Assault to the SQS/SQF program. It means that when writing own missions from a blank sheet you will be able to substitute teams, functions and operators pressing of only one hotkey. All keywords in scripts will be highlighted in bold type. "To fasten" addition of UE_highlight to the editor, it is necessary to transfer all contents of the SQSwordfile.txt file to the end of the text wordfile.txt file of the UltraEdit appendix.
  VERDICT: An excellent fan set which included all most necessary programs for creation of modifications to AAA. The most important distinctive feature of a package — all utilities are debugged, don't take off and don't fail that can't be told about the majority of other fan development. Here if still the unRap program worked not from a command line, and from the graphic interface...

  In detail is considered in the description.

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