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download Encapsulated Resource File Editor for the game Neverwinter Nights 2
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 15:54

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: With the advent of Neverwinter Nights 2 on personal computers modotvorets outright began to worry: what tools to use to add new objects to game, to redraw original textures, to affect physics, at last, to modify artificial intelligence of characters? It also is clear, after all the official editor allows to do only locations on the basis of content which is built in game.
  Fans boiled, boiled and undertook programming. There were days, weeks, months of hard work... During this time modotvorets managed to collect not one hundred various additions, using official tools. And here, after a long calm, in the Network amateur programs for a game modding — converters of 3D models, editors of resources and other necessary appendices in economy started appearing.
  Encapsulated Resource File Editor — one of such utilities. In fact, this appendix is intended for import/export and editing these so-called ERF files (Encapsulated Resource Files) which represent a set of various resources (sounds, dialogues, scripts). That is actually the utility allows to see the list of all resources containing in any module and also to remove or add new files to this list.
  PRACTICE: After loading of the editor before you there will be a screen with two tables — String List and Resource List, text lines and files of the module are loaded into them. A row located a toolbar. Viewing and editing files of game takes place according to the standard scheme — you podgruzhat the necessary file in the program (File/Open) and by means of teams from the String List and Resource List menu you add, you delete or you correct structure of the module. At desire it is possible to make the same actions, using the corresponding buttons on the tool panel.
  The main advantages of the editor — convenient and very simple interface, and also possibility of work as with the NwN 1 ERF files, and NwN 2. The serious shortcoming at the program only one — the appendix allows to edit only lists of resources, but not files of the module. Let's say you can add (or to remove) new dialogue to a module body, but to modify the content of the conversation, alas, it won't turn out.
  VERDICT: The considered editor will help modostroitel to clean files of modules from all stuff, and also to connect additional components (dialogues, scripts) to addition. But no more than that — the utility, unfortunately, doesn't allow to edit resources of modules.

  It isn't required.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: armedexpert
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