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Download Half-Life 2 Random Map Creator
To download file - torrent file 06.07.2015, 22:31

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Whether you tried to make sometime an own map for Half-Life 2? How? Quitted nothing? Too difficult tools? Then we go to you! For all desperate we have an excellent means code-named — HL2rmc that is decrypted as Half-Life 2 Random Map Creator. It is the most real generator of maps for the second "Halfy", with its help of all in a couple of minutes it is possible to generate some tens of levels unlike at each other to game.
  PRACTICE: Before passing to traditional analysis of the device of the editor and the principles of his operation, we will talk about system requirements. Stable functioning requires the processor with a frequency of 1,5 GHz and, at least, 512 Mb of a RAM. For the normal generator it is a lot of, but also you shouldn't be surprised — the program is constructed on the source code of Half-Life 2 SDK (the compiler and some other modules practically didn't change), and it has requirements very decent.
  The design of the application is extremely simple: there are neither dashboards, nor a large number of the menu, even windows of projections for editing level aren't provided. The generator represents one big form on which different buttons, lists and sliders for setup of the generated map are located. For example, you can set complexity of game process (Game Difficulty field), number of the weapon and ammunition to them (Ammo And Weapons), total number of locations at the level of (Rooms/Level), playing time (Time of The Day) and some other attributes.
  Pay special attention to group of the parameters integrated in the separate unit Compile Options (it is located in a primary window on the right). They allow to set up compile process. If you deliver a checkbox opposite to a tag of Advanced Users Only: Run Compiler Unhidden, will show you operation of compilers from Source SDK set. When basic attributes are set, press the Make Map button for creation of an accidental map. If you don't remove a daw from the Start HL2 and Run Map automatically after compile point, at once after compilation of the HL2rmc level will launch game, will set the necessary level of complexity and will load the generated map.
  And in completion of talk about the utility we will lift the veil how there is a creation of level in the generator. HL2rmc in a random way loads some specially prepared rooms templates (about 10 such locations are included in the package of standard delivery), fills them with objects like ladders, desktops and chairs, barrels and other subjects (besides absolutely in a random way), sets control marks for start of the player, layout of the weapon and monsters, connects all levels in a whole, checks that all elements were joined with each other and the player could move freely on level. After that the generator compiles a map.

INFERENCE: HL2rmc — a find for gamers who don't want to go into subtleties of creation of levels for Half-Life 2. But it will never replace the full-fledged editor: levels quit uniform, objects are outlined in a random way, NPC and scripting scenes isn't present at all.

  Unpack archive in any directory. Launch an executable file of setup.exe and follow instructions on installation. Before start of the utility be convinced that on your PC original Half-Life 2 and Source SDK (source codes of official tools) is set, and also there is Steam which is based on the HL 2 platform.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav
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