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Download Prey SDK
To download file - torrent file 06.07.2015, 22:34

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Everything who played Prey, remember fantastic games with a gravitation, numerous portals and other unexpected finds which select creation of Human Head Studios/3D Realms against other actions. Many gamers, having hardly recovered the breath from a rollicking gameplay, right there began to do new maps and the whole episodes for Prey.
  But having worked in the editor some days, most of fans with chagrin understood that so exceptional maps as turned out at developers, to them not to create. And business at all not in lack of talent, and is exceptional in insufficient opportunities of the editor.
  However, developers perfectly understood it and weren't idle. And here, later half a year after a game output, full-fledged Prey SDK was born. With its help it is possible to remake practically any game element. You consider that enemies behave very primitively — eliminate this misunderstanding. The physics of Prey doesn't arrange? Too it is possible to correct. You wish to rewrite scripts? Always please. In case of desire you even can develop on the basis of SDK own tools with the colourful interface which who knows, the official editor of levels and events will outdo.
  PRACTICE: If you glance in the root directory with the unpacked SDK, you will find exactly two folders with names \\Srci \\Examples, and also some text files there — ReadMe.rtf and EULA.Development Kit.rtf. In several text files the basic information about SDK in English, and also the license agreement is explained. The manual in a set, unfortunately, isn't present. \\Examples is in a directory some levels examples. Special interest for us represents directory contents \\to Src in which different game resources are collected. For example, in a subdirectory \\Game you will find all codes and scripts, and in the folder \\Tools \\Compilers source codes of compilers of maps.
  For compilation of Prey SDK you need the free program of Microsoft visual c ++ 2005 Express Edition which you can take from our disk.
  VERDICT: The excellent SDK allowing to remake completely Prey. However only professional programmers will be able to master tools: a manual for beginners it isn't provided.

The Microsoft visual c ++ 2005 Express Edition is necessary for adequate operation of Prey SDK - Download

  It isn't required.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav
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