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download the Warcraft 3 Editor: Reign of Chaos
To download file - torrent file 06.07.2015, 22:51

WEU 1.20 (World Editor Unlimited). The expanded version of the editor of maps for Warcraft 3 was updated: Reign of Chaos. The original tools which are built in game don't allow to create a map of the big size, and also aren't able to work with the hidden units, confidential charms hidden by models of architectural constructions and with some special triggers. All this WEU perfectly is able.
  In version 1.20 there was an opportunity to use dynamic sources of lighting, to import different layers and triggers, to work with two tens different surfaces (tayl) at the same time. Also the small-sized modules allowing to fasten, for example, to the level a mini-map and zastavochny images, to protect the development from outside "surgical" interference were added. At last, WEU 1.20 removes a large number the geympleynykh of restrictions, in particular, allows units to move under the bridge.
  Absolutely independent application is remarkable that the editor is installed as (changeovers of files of original game it won't be required). In addition with the updated editor of maps you receive an excellent manual in English which will allow you to master quickly all subtleties of operation with WEU. The important point — the updated editor works only with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, propatchenny to version 1.20.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav
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