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download TreeGenerator 2.0
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 15:57

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: If a few years ago when developing computer games it was possible to simplify strongly graphics (to save on grounds during the modeling of forms, textures, not to use modern HDR effects), today developers unanimously pursue the most realistic picture.
  In the majority of modern games landscapes are worked very in details, buildings and other surroundings too impresses. But here with vegetation of business still are not really: the bulk of developers didn't learn to create in details worked trees, bushes and other greens. Usually the flora is presented or unpretentious sprite forms which from far away really looks not bad, but here close...
  The reasons of such approach too are more or less clear. On the one hand, it fine reduces load of the processor and the videocard, with another — to make qualitative trees / bushes / a grass, it is necessary to employ the whole separate team of modeller who some months in a row only and were engaged in that that modelled various vegetation.
  Many gamers badly familiar with a question like to say that now "there are a lot of excellent generators of trees so all these justifications of developers are ridiculous". Yes how shall I put it?! We attentively studied a set of graphic packages of this sort and came to a conclusion that among tens similar utilities more than 90% are simply awful. Tens bugs, are constant departures and result of work — forgive, but semi-sprite greens look even more awfully, than.

Nevertheless we found some quite qualitative programs. One of best, in our opinion, TreeGenerator 2.0. In fact, it even not the generator, and the powerful and multipurpose designer of trees allowing to change a form, dimensions, number of branches, textures and other attributes of flora.
  PRACTICE: After an application launch you will see the navigation panel at the left (contains buttons for movement of the camera in the 3D window - a look), and on the right — a field of parameters of generation of a tree. Between them the prospect window fast movement in which is made with the help the kursornykh of arrows on the keyboard and mice with the clamped left button hid.
  Creation of a new plant is carried out literally to couple of clicks — you move the romper suit regulating appearance of elements of a tree (foliage, branches, a trunk and some other) in the field of generation parameters, you podgruzhat textures of leaves and bark from the Leaves and Texture tabs. You adjust the level of specification (Level of detail tab) and you look that at you such it turned out.
  The object made in TreeGenerator can be kept in the form of a screenshot or to export to the file of model of one of three formats (.3ds, .dxf, .obj), the modern 3D editors clear to the majority - content.
  In summary there is a wish to add that if necessary you can download to yourself a number of plants from the free online collection of developers available to the registered users to the address: www
  VERDICT: Tiresome process of modeling of plants consigns to the past: why to spend precious time and money for creation of trees and bushes when it is possible to use simply the generator which will quickly and qualitatively make all work.

  It isn't required.

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