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Download maps Crysis Community Mappack #1 - Welcome to the Jungle
To download file - torrent file 11.08.2015, 13:50

That: the collection of the best the multipleernykh of maps for Crysis
  Developers: SirRobs, kornseb83, DOuCheBAgMaN, Marc Wenzel, Crytek, Kloppi87, melcom, sebotronik, Edolsian
  What's new: ten first-class game levels
  Size: 192 Mb
  Category: additions
  Format: multiplayer
  Version: 1.0
  It is required: any version of original game
  Language: English

Balance 9/10
Design 9/10
Fascination 9/10
Detailing 9/10
General rating: 9.0/10

  Crysis Community Mappack
1 — a royal gift for all admirers of Crysis, one of the best shooters of the present. Not really big, but single-digit the most qualitative today a collection the multipleernykh of levels for game, contains ten perfect user additions (5 — for the Survival mode, 5 — for "Fast fight). All maps which are a part of this set differ from similar development in original design, almost ideal balance of forces, and the most important — the inexpressible atmosphere. We will review briefly the most original of them.

Old Mine. Very atmospheric map executed in style of the well-known adventure movie of Stephen Spielberg "Indiana Jones". Military operations are torn in the gloomy thrown mines: the blown-up rails, the passes which tightly are driven in by boards, the bent trolleys, rusty barrels, the faulty burning elevator, breakaways. Long dark tunnels are only slightly lit that considerably complicates fight guiding. A deficit of the weapon it isn't watched — guns, machine guns, machine guns, different types of grenades, well and, of course, explosive. In a word, a full unit of fire — all the most necessary for destruction of the opponent.

War Forest. Welcome to tiny, god the forgotten island in which center there is a small thrown settlement. Some shabby bungalows yes the one and only patrol tower — here, actually, and everything that open to your look, apart from magnificent landscape sketches. Madly beautiful sunset, a silent smooth surface of water, slightly rocking trees. Beauty.

Outpost2. Rather traditional map for the Survival mode which will please the true fans of a tactical gameplay. The author of this addition suggests you to do some fighting on in details simulated, but rather small paradise tropical island located in the middle of the ocean. There are also various military bases, and the thrown warehouses, both the Peirce, and tunnels, and bunkers, and even secret laboratories. It is difficult to believe in it, but on a map there was a place even to dynamic constructions — barrels with fuel, to the breaking boxes, boards and some other mobile frames. Relief — mountainous. Bases of players are located in opposite parts of a map.

Rock. A bright independent map which transfers action of game to the most real desert. Poor vegetation, reddish mountain circuits, total absence of signs of life. The design of a map is withstood in style of original game. Numerous mountains and plateaus, military bases, moorings, power sources and the thrown gas stations, warehouses, numerous tables and pointers... As you can see, anything superfluous. It is best of all to play on Rock map in the amicable cheerful company consisting at least of 20 people. The reason — huge expansion of game space. The recommended style of game: long obsidional fights.

Crossroad. The small, but at the same time in details worked map for the Fast Fight mode. Differs from similar development in the thought extremely over and various design. At the level there are low rural houses, shabby bungalows, patrol towers, containers, wooden fences, barrels, baskets, banana plantations, kitchen gardens and it is a lot of that else. Whether it is necessary to say what the most part of scenery in game can be razed to the ground?! Also it is worth marking that the author of addition paid much attention to internal furniture of locations: I filled rooms of residential buildings with chairs, beds, lamps, ware and some other subjects of use.

  Download and launch an executable file and follow instructions on installation.

Download file

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