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download modification of Capture The Flag for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 13.07.2015, 16:25

Name: Capture The Flag
  Game: Half-Life 2
  Developer: Half-Life 2 CTF Mod Team
  What's new: Mode, maps
  Size: 165mb

  Modification of Capture The Flag enters variety, so necessary for the multipleerny Half-Life 2 mode. You will be able to hunt for flags on eleven various maps. CTF Canals map, for example, suggests to drag banners in the factory region on which the channels chained in a stone leak, and playing on CTF Lockdown, you will be able to try the luck in ruins of the federal prison covered by a stone, boxes and iron tanks. On remaining maps to you also the dense network of sewerages, and metro station will meet numerous ladders and transitions, and underground laboratory with narrow corridors, and even the huge military building built from the tolstennykh of concrete plates.
  The balance of maps is worked simply perfectly. Secluded back streets in which it is possible to hide, and the ladder passes suitable for ambushes are replaced by empty long corridors and immense halls in which there is no place to take cover, and fights the very hot here. Also the masters of a gravitational gun because all levels are literally covered by subjects which can be thrown quite successfully in the opponent aren't deprived.
  1. Launch the exe-file.
  2. After installation launch Steam and select just set modification from the My Games menu.

Category: Half-Life 2 | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: The, for, of, Half-Life, Flag, Half-Life 2, Capture, modification, game, download
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