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Download FSone 2008b modification for game rFactor
To download file - torrent file 20.07.2015, 15:30

Developer: International Pro Modding
  What's new: models, textures, sound, physics, music, menu
  Size: 726 Mb
  Format: single game and multiplayer
  Version: 1.01
  It is required: version 1255F rFactor

  Here also the wave of qualitative "formular" spendthrifts which we predicted in last number began. It is a pity that the newest (and meanwhile the best) from them — FSOne 2008 — is devoted to a season of last year, but it and is clear. To make modes of such level less than in a year forces of the small command it is almost unreal. But now, after an output of this addition, the subject of a season-2008 can be closed finally — there is everything once again to endure last year's battle of "Ferrari" and "IAC-Larena" (whose machines now swallow of dust in the middle of a peloton) for a champion title. Exact models of machines with different options of aerodynamics (for the beginning and the end of a season), the sound of motors exciting imagination and interesting, not too difficult physics.

   1. Unpack contents of archive.
  2. Launch an EXE file.

Category: rFactor | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: for, 2008b, modification, game, rFactor, FSone, download
Views: 1171 | Downloads: 26 | Rating: 0.0/0
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