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Download Cold Mountain modification for game Crysis
To download file - torrent file 06.08.2015, 20:31

Original name: Cold Mountain
Developer: skm
Level of the character: any
Passing time: 1-2 hours
Features: such number of spiteful Koreans wasn't even in original Crysis

  After several months of laborious work we managed to be torn through thorns of a program code and to transfer the first modification for Crysis. "The ice rock" — it not the next level in style "kill all of them", and quite self-sufficient stealth action in a pattern of Crysis. In original game it was almost always possible to solve a problem a front pressure, to include a nanosuit and to destroy the enemy. This focus doesn't take place in "The ice rock" any more. Here it is necessary with a squared paper in hands to count any movement, to adjust each step, permanently to control movement of the opponent that God forbid it didn't note you. Modes reminds these rather unforgettable Thief: The Dark Project. As well as there, in most cases here it is better not to attack, and to sit out in dark angles, a shadow to slip by sentries. It is necessary to attack not with shotgany atilt (advantage all the same not on your side), and to kill opponents silently, having crept behind.
  In process of advance to you will feed homeopathic doses of a plot from which it is necessary to try to put an integral pattern of the events and to understand that occurs around. It is interesting after all why Koreans crowded in this region and so carefully protect each square meter of the territory?

Category: Crysis | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: Crysis, modification, Cold, game, for, Mountain, download
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