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Download Assassin Quest modification for game The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
To download file - torrent file 06.08.2015, 20:35

Original name: Assassin Quest
Developer: Jannix Quinn
Level of the character: any
Passing time: 2-4 hours
Action: so-so
Rolevy after game: at least
Traps and cunnings: it is a lot of
Features: Oblivion skillfully masks under Assassin s Creed and Hitman at the same time

  "The way of the murderer" — is such peculiar attempt to make of slow and measured Oblivion fast and acrobatically the adjusted Assassin Creed moreover and with the additives Hitman in addition. Of course, the main character doesn't own an arsenal of the gymnastic receptions available to Altair, but also from it the quite good equilibrist turned out very much even. And a lack of firearms which the agent No. 47 had, it skillfully compensates throwing daggers.
  The history knot is as follows: the unknown throws to us a note in which asks to kill one of inhabitants Bruma. Why and why — it is unclear, but also reward promises to be serious. As well as it befits the true asassin, the moral aspect of a question doesn't matter — where the fee is more important. It is therein clarified that it is necessary to finish off not one person, and to commit the whole series of impudent murders. And if it is rather simple to catch for the victim in the dark lane at the beginning, closer to the end it is necessary to plan an aggression to within a step. Not only that the victims are capable to give serious repulse, so still around is complete of the law-abiding citizens ready at any time to call to the guard or even to try to catch you independently. Even if it will be possible to leave from prosecution, for you hunting in all cities of Sirodiila will be open. It will that's when be clarified, whether it was worth undertaking "easy operation".

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