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Download Gates to Aesgaard Episode 1 modification for game The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 20:31

Authors: KoukouStudios and Thepriest909
Level of the character: any
Passing time: 2-4 hours
Action: at most
Rolevy after game: at least
Traps and cunnings: it isn't enough
Features: modes it is made based on Margaret Farrell's book

  "Gates to Aesgaard" — the visual aid for all developers as it is correct to scare stiff the player. From the very beginning of passing heart clenches for horror, is closer to the middle smothering slowly starts moving to area of heels, and to the final the most real shiver scolds.
  The letter from the old girlfriend who reports falls into hands of the main character that the unknown traveler dropped in a tavern a map with the image of mysterious runes. From marks on a reverse side it becomes clear that pillagers more than once tried to penetrate into ruins. The girl on the trouble too decided to visit there. And we, of course, need to rescue the young adventurer urgently.
  Its searches will bring you into the gloomy catacombs which in actual fact appeared the Kingdom of the damned — Aesgaard. Going down under the earth, the main character finds from time to time all new and new notes of the girl who passed the same road quite recently. Whether it will be possible to rescue the researcher and to be selected on a surface by the live — depends on that, how successfully you will execute quests, to destroy bosses, and even from passing speed: minute hitch can cost life not only the lost girl, but also you.

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