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Download emulators of other prefixes
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You will find the emulators of other consoles promised in journal article in archive.
   FreeDO — the single working emulator 3DO. With good compatibility, but with the maximum supported permission only 640х480.
   Dolphin — emulates GameCube and even Wii, but to play normally it won't turn out neither in that, nor in another. Games for GameCube work very slowly, and games for Wii though are launched barely, but don't recognize the controler. So the emulator represents only sporting interest.
   Project64 — in this folder lie three versions of the Nintendo 64 emulator. Project64 — the original version, Project64K — its modification with support of network game, Project64KVE — modification of modification which normally works at Windows Vista. At last, in the Plugins folder optional plug-ins for all three versions of the emulator lie.
   nullDC — the best Sega Dreamcast emulator. Launches not everything, but gives out excellent speed. Unfortunately, there is no support of gamepads so it is necessary to play from the keypad.
   SSF — the Sega Saturn emulator, the competitor of Sony Playstation.
   no$gba — the emulator of hendkheld from Nintendo: Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Last it is emulated very much not bad unless with a sound there are problems in some games. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change a screen size. The only thing that it is possible to advise — to reduce a screen resolution directly in Windows. If game complains of impossibility to remain, experiment in the section Options/Emulation Setup with the NDS Cartridge Backup Media parameter.
  For emulation of Game Boy Advance it is better for VisualBoy Advance to use, it much more easily to use also possesses a set of filters and settings.
  Move the folder with the necessary emulator to any directory and launch an EXE file.

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