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download the Set of scenarios for the game Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots
To download file - torrent file 04.07.2015, 13:22

This collection of scenarios includes:

  Battle for Quina City
  On this scenario we should head the large army consisting of tanks, helicopters yes infantrymen and to beat out the enemy from the big city located nearby.
  British Islands 
  Action on this scenario will be developed on the British Isles where we will have to improve economy of England, to create powerful army and to destroy the enemy who is dug round on other side of English Channel.
  Day of the Dead
  Difficult scenario. Your army is destroyed, and now you have to start almost from scratch construction of the settlement then to revenge the become impudent adversary for all his villainies.
  India Pakistan
  You are at the head of India, the state has some not bad developed cities and quite large army. With the next Pakistan at you meanwhile the normal relations, and in air doesn't smell yet as war but when you more strong become independent, for certain want to subordinate to yourself this country — and then you will meet certain difficulties because it has quite powerful army.
  Your small missionary army landed on the large continent, and now you have to found hastily the settlement, rivet even more soldier and go to submit the neighboring lands. Who won't want to accept peacefully our civilization, that should be convinced, as usual, in arms.
  You — the head of the USA who has three developed cities, including New York. A task — to put the country on feet and to go to deal with the neighbors who are in the North and the East.
  World War 
  World War I. You order the large Russian army occupying a quarter of all card. Now it is necessary to improve economy, to strengthen defense on fronts and to move ahead to the west, attacking enemy positions.
  WW2 Berlin 
  And it already World War II — the most bloody slaughter in the history of mankind. Under your control there is a powerful American army consisting of a set of tanks and infantrymen. A task — to move forward to the north and to fight off the enemy big and not bad the planned city.

  To copy files in the catalog of the game Thrones and Patriots \\scenario \\Custom, to choose the corresponding scenario in the menu of the game Solo Game, Load a Scenario.

Pleasant game!

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