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Download game Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos
To download file - torrent file 21.07.2015, 21:27

Date of an output: 1993
  Genre: Dungeon crawling from the first person
  Publisher/developer: Virgin Interactive/Westwood

  The success which overtook Westwood in the early nineties stood on three turtles: the advenchurny trilogy The Legend of Kyrandia, Dune 2 which laid the foundation to RTS genre, and the Lands of Lore series.
  Having made two parts of the well-known Eye of Beholder for Strategic Simulations publishing house, Westwood withdrew on the third, having motivated it is D&D-системой which bothered to them, and transferred under the aegis Virgin. The platform of cult Dungeon Master (1987) with a look from the first person, fights in real time and a failure from the majority of the imposed D&D-системой of troubles was taken as a basis of Lands of Lore. In particular, instead of division into classes the system "was used that you swing, grows": short-range fight stimulated ability of fighting, distant — rogue, magic attacks reorientated the character in the wizard. As for the main character (and he had two more partners), for him development boundaries weren't at all. As well as in Dungeon Master, the most part of game passed in a lazaniye on vaults in honor of what games of such genre were given the name — dungeon crawling.
  Having decided to cut out a role-playing game after the own fashion, Westwood didn't lose: unlike Eye of Beholder a series lived up to a trequel.

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