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Download game Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
To download file - torrent file 31.07.2015, 11:43

  Date of an output: 2003
  Genre: Gold fund of an igrokinematograf
  Publisher/developer: Rockstar Games/Remedy Entertainment and 3D Realms

  Why after fine first part some developers occasionally release the indecent sequel or the game obviously far from the original? The cause is there can be an ephemeral pricker in the fifth points, obeying to which the authors inspired with success start changing everything and by that destroy because of what their game was highly appreciated in due time. In a case with Max Payne 2 quitted differently.
  Having created itself in the first Max Payne a solid backlog, Remedy modified a proverb about the charter and others monastery and received the approximately following: with the new charter you shouldn't climb not that in others, but also to the own monastery, especially if the old charter is still good. The output encore of already fine game was in actual fact enveloped by a short, but capacious concert. In game mechanics of Remedy made a minimum of changes — first of all, allowed bullet time strip to be recovered over time. It noticeably facilitated game, at the same time having reminded that we have here nevertheless not Splinter Cell, but a pure spinal action. But the mood of game changed considerably: Sam Yarvi with his mad grin as Max Paine was succeeded by melancholic Timothy Dzhibbs, to replace winter — fall, to replace revenge — detachment. Invariable was only the principal rule: round Max always all die — both friends, and enemies.

Category: Time Machine | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: The, payne, of, max, fall, game, 2:, download
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