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Download BX GateBuilder editor for game Arma Armed Assault
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 20:45

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: BX GateBuilder are represented by strongly cut down Oxygen editor of 2 Personal Editions ground under creation and editing models from military simulators of Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint. The author of the considered program complex took the utility of production Bohemia Interactive as a basis, cut from it all superfluous (and not only) components and posted the received product in the Internet. Result of the done operation — an excellent launch pad for the beginning modmeyker: - forms in BX GateBuilder you won't make the difficult and beautiful 3D, but it is possible to learn simulation elements. On our estimations, the simple model of the character or the vehicle can be cut literally in 3-4 hours. 
  VERDICT: BX GateBuilder leaves dual feeling. On one bowl of scales — the small size of a distribution kit, low resource intensity and simplicity of mastering, on another — almost total absence of functions for modifying of the form of elements, and as a result, impossibility to build the full-fledged game world. Thus, to use this utility or not — to decide to you.

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