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Download TexView 2 program
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 13:11

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: The Bohemia Interactive company developer continues to let out different editors and utilitka for full recutting of an action of Arma Armed Assault, and we, in turn, continue to publish the most significant of them on our site. This time in the field of our sight the extremely original TexView 2 program intended for viewing of a game graphics (load arts, textures and some other files) and converting of normal two-dimensional images in a game format got.
  This utility exceeds amateur development literally in everything — allows to reformat the selected pictures in some clicks, to generate unpretentious procedural textures on the basis of the given program algorithms, with ease chews textures of the JPG, PNG formats (both with alpha channel, and without it), TGA, PAA and PAC, isn't buggy, in Windows doesn't fall out... Unless isn't able to prepare and erase. However, the application of TexView 2 isn't ideal at all. The utility supports only "square" textures of dimensionality 16x16, 32x32, 256x256, 512x512, 2048x2048 pixels and the multiple to them. In attempt of import of any non-standard picture on the screen there is an error message. In fact, it is also the principal and single lack of the program.
  PRACTICE: The TexView 2 interface consists of five basic elements — the main menu (lives in the upper area of the editor), a compact toolbar, a window 2D - a look in which the loaded image, fields of technical features of an art (color, the size, etc.) and status bars is displayed. In a word, anything superfluous.
  For transfer of arbitrary texture to the PAA/PAC format first of all select menu item of File/Open and specify a way to the experimental image. Then execute File/Save As command. In the opened dialog box in the field File name enter any name of the picture in English (the Comment — is extremely desirable without gaps), for example new_texture, and press the Save button. The application automatically converts a texture in the format clear to Armed Assault. Depending on image size this procedure can borrow from several seconds to several minutes.
  VERDICT: Ideally designed, extremely simple in mastering and inexpressibly convenient utility for change of appearance of game.

  Unpack archive, launch an executable file of TexView2_setup.exe and follow instructions on installation.

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