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Download BifRip (Bif Rip) unpacker program for Witcher
To download file - torrent file 08.08.2015, 21:37

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: BifRip — one of the first user utilities for "Witcher". The aaplet serves for unpacking of BIF - archives in which the most valuable game resources are hidden: models, textures and materials, scripts, musical compositions and there is a lot of that else. All files derived by means of BifRip can be transferred to other game projects (for example, TES 4: Oblivion) or, say, to use in case of manufacture of own free modifications. Unfortunately, the utility isn't able to work with separately the taken documents. So, for example, to receive a treasured modelka главгероя, it is necessary to dearchive everything 3D - forms. 
  PRACTICE: The interface of a raspakovshchik is simple to impropriety. At once after start of the application you will see the one and only window at which only the most necessary components are located. In the upper part of the working form BifRip there is a field for input of ways to key files in which information on all game archives is concentrated. Under it the button for extraction of resources from the selected archive settles down. The central region of the application is occupied by a field in which the unpacking course is displayed. Well and, at last, at the very bottom of the program buttons for process interrupt of dearchiving (Halt) and record of actions of the user, and also error messages in the text file (Write msgs to file) are placed. 
  Extraction of game resources takes place according to pretty trivial diagram. You click on a button with the dots character, you specify in the opened dialogue window a full path to the necessary key (to KEY - the file) from the directory \\to Data with the set "Witcher" and you press on the Extract BIF contents into subfolders button. All derived content will be placed in a directory \\by Data with game. To interrupt process of dearchiving of files, click the Halt button. 
  VERDICT: Bright, compact, and, above all — a unique for today raspakovshchik of archives of "Witcher". Makes the utility only impossibility of operation with separately the taken files.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: GilzaSB | Tags: Creation of games, for, BifRip, unpacker, RiP), (Bif, Witcher, program, download
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