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Download The Grinning Fool's Creature Creation Wizard
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 20:35

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: The next component for Obsidian NWN 2 Toolset significantly expands possibilities of tools. The plug-in allows to create literally several mouse clicks new game characters. Thus it is worth marking that you regulate everything: racial and fractional accessory, floor, appearance (hair color, skin color, form/size of the head and other extremities), level of heroes and so on. Besides, the module is able to assign ready sets of scripts and sounds to the made beings. Badly only that the tool is adapted only under 1.13.1409 and 1.12.1295 versions of game: alas, doesn't work with other patches of Grinning Fool's Creature Creation Wizard. 
  VERDICT: The come true dream of thousands of modostroitel. With a plug-in of The Grinning Fool's Creature Creation Wizard creation of unique beings turns into very and very fascinating occupation behind which it is possible to spend not one hour. Now anyone will be able to show the imagination and to make ten - another non-standard characters — manual dwarf dragons, large rats mutants, spiteful orks with magenta eyes and many other creations.

   1. Copy CreatureCreator.dll and NWN2PluginToolsLibrary.dll libraries in a directory \\NWN2Toolset \\Plugins from the set NWN 2.
  2. Launch the NWN 2 Obsidian Toolset editor, select menu item of View/Options and in the field of AllowPlugins select the line Load all plugins. 
  3. Save changes and restart the editor.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: SkynetSp | Tags: Wizard, Creature, The, Grinning, Fool's, Creation of games, Creation, download
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