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Download CryExporter - the XSI to CryENGINE 2 Exporter
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 13:20

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Developers from the well-known company Softimage showed an initiative and let out the compact plug-in of CryExporter intended for export of geometry from a graphics package of XSI (the 6th version of a program complex, and also free bild applications with the code name Mod Tool is supported) in CryENGINE 2 engine format — CGF. More precisely — even not a plug-in, but the whole tool kit, integrated under the general name. Numerous examples, test level for Crysis, the compiler of game resources, detailed documentation in English and, certainly, the exporter were included in the package of delivery. Thus, if you rather not bad simulate in XSI, you will be able to change appearance of game radically: to construct absolutely new virtual world — with characters unprecedented earlier, unique arms and updated scenery. How to you, for example, idea to move action of game to the militant planet Mars captured by alien substances? Or, say, to build on Crysis engine the criminal fighter of the GTA level: 4 - to simulate the large megalopolis, to redraw modelk of Koreans in bandits, to expand local vehicle fleet... Possibilities of a plug-in of CryExporter are restricted only to your imagination. But here we to you, alas, not assistants.

PRACTICE: To connect the module to XSI, it is necessary to sweat fairly — to proinstallirovat the editor of the Sandbox 2 levels, to create some working directories, at last, to set and set up the compiler of resources and a plug-in for export of 3D models. As this preparatory stage causes serious difficulties in many modmeyker (including at experimental modotvorets), we developed the special step-by-step tutorial, algorithm if you want in which all subtleties of installation and a configuration of a plug-in are considered. So, installation procedure the following. Glance on a disk with Crysis, open double click of a mouse the directory \\Sandbox2 then launch an executable file of CryEngine (R) 2 Sandbox (TM) 2.msi and follow instructions on installation. Further copy folders \\Bin32 and \\Game from a directory \\Crysis with the unpacked exporter in the root directory with the set game. Made? Perfectly, we move further. Launch the editor of three dimensional content of XSI 6 and drag on appendix form the Crytek Addon.xsiaddon component from the directory \\XSI_Addon with the exporter. When execute this action, reboot a packet 3D - diagrams. If all of you make correctly, you will see that in the upper part of the application there will be a new cascade menu with Crytek title (contains the tools necessary for saving models and materials in CryENGINE engine format, and also some diagnostic utilities). Finishing touches — it was necessary to set a working directory and the folder with the Sandbox 2 editor. Select Crytek/Properties menu item. In the opened window in the field of Bin32 Path hammer a full path to the directory \\with Bin32 with the set game, and into Export Path — to the folder \\Game \\Objects \\XSI_Assets with Crysis.
  The mechanism of export of three dimensional frames from XSI in the CGF format is simple, as a rake. You execute Crytek/Crytek Toolbar command, you click on the Create CryExportNode button on the form of the Crytek Toolbar component, you select an experimental modelka or its component on a scene, you reformat the materials assigned to object then on Crytek Toolbar panelka in a roll of Export you press at first on the CryExport button and then — on CryExport Materials.
  VERDICT: Developers from Softimage managed to make friends the graphics package of XSI with the editor of the Sandbox 2 levels — to create compact and very convenient plug-in which turns XSI into the real shop on distillation of three dimensional constructions in the CryENGINE 2 format. We use and we advise you to adopt.

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