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Download Zombie Engine free game engine open source
To download file - torrent file 03.08.2015, 20:31

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: A free game engine open source which cornerstone the Nebula Device 2 technology popular once is. Zombie Engine, exists not the first month and can quite contend with commercial analogs. Opportunities at system very and very decent. To begin at least that the considered software environment supports directly two popular graphic libraries — OpenGL and Direct3D, and also almost all technologies realized in them: here to you both different shaders, and maps of reliefs/normals, and processing of shadows/lighting in real time. All this, certainly, impresses. As the module of processing of physics in Zombie Engine the modified version of popular library ODE which solves problems of interaction of game objects appears: realistic falling of bodies, drift of a car on turns, flight of an airliner, simulation of behavior of fabrics, etc. For writing of scripts the popular scenario LUA language is used.
  Dealt with principal components (kernel). The second for the significance for an engine an element — tools or, in other words, set of vital all sorts in a programs runtime and calibers. Here too all in a full order. Convenient editors of landscapes, levels are included in the delivery package with Zombie Engine and separately the taken models, the utility for creation of complex circuits of behavior powerful and surprisingly, pakovshchik of resources, importers of 3D models of all modern formats (in particular, 3DS and OBJ), skripter, the applications ground under creation of different effects, animation system and still the whole heap there are enough useful tools. Thus, practically any user will be able to make game in Zombie Engine, without going into subtleties of programming.
  The main thing that is in Zombie Engine and that the majority doesn't have noncommercial (and many commercial) game engines — unique algorithms of network synchronization. In an engine the powerful network module which is ideally suited for creation of difficult multi-user taytl of the Counter-Strike level is implanted: Source. Support of any number of players online, minimum time delays and almost total absence of logs. What is necessary for happiness?
  Well and in conclusion of talk literally some words about documentation. You will find 7 lessons in which all stages of operation with an engine — from installation and setup before creation of full-fledged game sketches and determination of collisions are explained in the section Tutorials. 
  VERDICT: One of the few free game engines with a huge potential and truly boundless opportunities. Zombie Engine can recommend to all who wants to create rather difficult and beautiful computer game. Our choice!

  Launch an executable file and follow instructions on installation.

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