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Download Rebellion modification for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 23.07.2015, 22:45

Developer: Raphael Gilot

  "Rebellion" it is difficult to put modification in one row with other subject additions for Half-Life 2. Because, unlike the customary pomissionny diagram "kill all of them", here we are waited by serious history with the emphasis on a plot where figure good, the evil, friendship and treachery.
  The main character — the colonel Mandela, under his command is the small assault group of combines grinding the territory from insurgents. The small earth colony of Tor-9 refuses to join the Confederation — now it want to force to the knees by force. Mandela's task — to carry out retaliatory raid on Tor-9.
  Rebels resist poorly, they haven't enough weapon; in an amicable way, all of them can be taken prisoner almost without bloodshed, but command allows the single-digit order — to destroy all. Even when a platoon of combines, having opened the next door, finds glorked in a small group unarmed civil there, on a radio comes — to shoot the order! At this moment Mandela starts understanding that in this war he took not so that part. But soon in life of a dog of the bloody mode everything changes: the former colleagues will become enemies, and old enemies will get up with it on one side of barricades. But such obvious, apparently, moral choice doesn't pass in "Revolt" so easily. To you clearly let know, what even such treachery, logical from a good line item — it exactly treachery. Insurgents won't be able to accept up to the end you, remembering as you helped them to destroy the former brother-soldiers.
  "Revolt" possesses unique property — already in half an hour you forget at all that you play in modes for Half-Life 2. The unusual subject courses, numerous dialogs and scripting rollers make impression of completely new game which won't get lost among the modern colleagues on a genre.

Installation instruction:

1 Option through Steam

Download an installer, set and launch modification through the sty.

2 Option (non-steam)

1) To copy the Rebellion folder from the unpacked files in the folder with game, then in the folder with game to create bat. - and there to prescribe the file "to start hl2.exe - console - game Rebellion" without quotes 
2) Old antiquated method: to throw all files from the Rebellion folder in the Half-Life 2/hl2 folder

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