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Download Storm eye modification for game Half-Life 2
To download file - torrent file 18.07.2015, 23:39

Now practically there are no games in which the main character should run away from enemies. You know including about the negative motivation, that real heroes never get away carelessly but only strategically recede then to give to enemies a heat. And to feel like the mouse driven into a corner throughout all game — it not really interesting and harmful affects mentality.
  And so, modes of "Storm eyes" for Half-Life 2 with ease refutes all these statements. The most part of time here you won't walk with minigany atilt namely what to run from superior forces of the opponent, to disappear and be hammered into all possible slots. Developers, in turn, made everything to leave from prosecution was as it is possible more difficult. Enemies will find you everywhere and to drive everything farther. On feelings it reminds rather conservative Call of Chtulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, than original Half-Life 2 and any modes to it.
  By the way, about them: syuzhetno "A storm eye" continues history of one of the best HL2 модов — "Reyvenkholm" which ended, as we know, with successful escape of the main character, Jonah from this unpleasant place. "A storm eye" starts with the moment when the poor fellow hit paws of Alliance and it ground in torture chambers from which without assistance it is absolutely impossible to be selected. The kind people ready to render it, fortunately, right there are.
  But the creator a mode, fortunately, understands that to force the player to sparkle heels throughout all plot — it too. Therefore from time to time (it is normal after any especially beautiful kat-scene, which simply huge number here) to us allow to feel the hero and to give to the enemy worthy repulse. The heat on the boat with mass shooting of enemies from a large-caliber machine gun is especially good — so spectacular an action episode wasn't even in original game.
  As for the general workmanship, here everything is executed at higher level, than in "Reyvenkholm". New characters, updated textures, sounds, the music (most often is gloomy ambient) written especially for a mode... And in addition — ideally adjusted balance between complexity and interest. Shelters appear while at the main character cartridges come to an end: though, apparently, from where to developers the nobility, how intensively we shoot back the enemy.
  The only thing that baffles in it to a mode … it criminal a little! Skilled players will pass it for an hour and a half (including viewing of magnificent kat-scenes). However, authors promise to let out in the near future continuation which all of us look forward here.

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