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Download Endless Depths modification for game NWN 2
To download file - torrent file 14.08.2015, 20:34

Author: Havlen
Level: 1+
Passing time: to blue in the face
Action: at most
Rolevy after game: no
Traps and cunnings: so-so
In addition: the module with the huge accidental generated multi-level vault

  "Endless Depths" the extremely unusual module: in fact, it is the automatic generator of vaults for Neverwinter Nights 2. Everything begins is absolutely simple and banal. Our hero appears on a certain clearing at an input in a cave. Once you step in darkness, for some seconds game slows down — the new location, subjects, mini-quests, traps, subjects is during this time created — and here you already stand in absolutely new, anybody yet not the probed world.
  On sweep of vaults of initial level some minutes leave, but than more points are scored by your character, especially difficult locations are generated by game. Monsters become stronger and attack the whole groups, in chests more and more expensive subjects come across, there are multistage traps. At a certain stage of a vault become such big that it is necessary to return on a surface for "refueling" (for this purpose in game there is a roll of return to camp and a magic stone for teleportation back in catacombs).

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