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Download D'jinni adventure editor for game Witcher
To download file - torrent file 13.08.2015, 17:10

DESCRIPTION of OPPORTUNITIES: Founders of "Witcher" — the main role-playing game of last year — decided to please admirers of a taytl, and also all modostroitel and let out a beta of the D jinni beta adventure editor editor intended for full recutting of original game. In fact, this appendix represents a powerful program complex which includes ideally designed and very convenient editors of scripts, dialogues, landscapes, the zastavochnykh of sketches and some other not less useful utilities. By means of D jinni beta adventure editor anyone will be able to create an own adventure, to design the new game world or, say, to copy schemes of behavior of characters. 
  You don't wish to think out anything new, practically there is no free time? It doesn't matter. The matter is that the editor allows not only to create new game content (missions, locations, dialogues, zastavochny sketches, etc.), but also to modify already existing components. Nobody prevents you to copy original quests, to correct district maps (to place new buildings, murder tools on level, to change a relief form, to execute global gardening of locations, etc.), to redraw textures and loading screens, at last, to edit standard special effects. 
  VERDICT: Children from CD Projekt managed to create rather powerful, ergonomic and completely bezglyuchny editor of adventures for The Witcher. To master D jinni beta adventure editor it is absolutely difficult, but, as they say, game is worth the candle. 

  Start the executed file and follow instructions on installation.

Category: Creation of games | Added by: IwKrav | Tags: Adventure, for, Creation of games, Editor, game, D'jinni, Witcher, download
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